Chemist Michael Braungart tending garden, gnomes escaping typ. toxic interior for his wholistic Building Like a Tree

IMG_2811Inhabited grids like this one by MOSS in US Pavilion are basically adaptive reuse strategies, even if building the grid.

Anupama Kundoo carries torch of Indian modernism. Such beautiful inventive simplicity in her architecture

15th-venice-architecture-biennale-Ireland-pavilion-04Ireland-pavilion-Losing-my-Mind-15th-Venice-architecture-biennale-inexhibit-05Ireland displays a project by Niall McLaughlin sensitive to the needs of the elderly with dementia and alzheimers.

IMG_2687 (1).jpgFinland’s Satoshi Ohtaki project starts with literally ‘putting a roof over one’s head’ and then letting people build under it.

austrian_pavilion_places_for_people.jpg-webAustria displays deep understanding of migrant groups in temporary housing community projects.

Poland really accounted for the abuse of construction labor in the process of building..